My approach to supervision is collaborative centered with reflection-based supervision. During supervision, we will work together, inclusion of other parties such as graduate supervisor or site supervisor, to create supervision goals and personal goals to help develop your skills as a therapist. Along with collaboration, it is important that the systemic models of family therapy and systemic processing is incorporated into both clinical practice and supervision sessions. During supervision hours, it will be expected of the Supervisee to be able to apply a systemic model to the case that is being discussed along with code of ethics. We will work together on learning how to apply and assess the systemic model to your cases. 

It is also important to me to help strengthen the knowledge an understanding of self of therapist and self-care within our profession. Learning where you, the Supervisee, are at personally with self-care, where there are areas of growth for self-care within the profession, and learning how personal beliefs, values, and experiences can affect our professional/therapeutic relationships.  
My goal for supervision is to create a space where both Supervisee and Supervisor are working together in a collaborative process that creates room for growth, learning, and understanding. During supervision it is my job as the Supervisor to be an evaluator of your work within the profession. It is also my duty to ensure no harm comes to your clients. 

- I work with pre-grad interns and post grad for licensure hours. 
- With my AAMFT approved supervisor credential, I am able to supervisor in multiple states within the United States. Please look at you state rules and regs to make sure I have the appropriate credentials for your state. 
- I am also a state supervisor for the state of Colorado. With that I can supervisor those that are looking for post-grad licensure hours that are not specifically MFT’s. 
- I also offer consultation for other therapists. I have a passion working with others in the profession.  
- I am able to offer both in-person and virtual supervision.